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The World of the PhantomIn sleep he sang to me In dreams he came that voice which calls to me and speaks my name And do I dream again for now I find The Phantom of the Opera is there inside my mind... The Phantom of the Opera

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Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation. Darkness, stirs and wakes imagination. Silently the senses abandon their defences... The music of the night

3.8.05 20:18

4.7.05 14:54

Angel of music


Father once spoke of an Angel
I used to dream he'd appear.
Now as I sing, I can sense him
and I know he's here

Here in this room
he calls me softly
somewhere inside hiding

Somehow I know
he's always with me
he - the unseen genius

Angel of music!
Guide and guardian!
Grant to me your glory!

Angel of music!
Hide no longer!
Secret and srtange angel

He's with me, even now...
all around...
It frightens me...

19.6.05 11:53

Somewhere beyond happiness and sadness
I need to calculate what creates my own madness
And I'm addicted to your punishment
And your you're the master and I am waiting for disaster

I feel irrational so confrontational
to tell the truth again I'm getting away with murder
It isn't possible to never tell the truth
But the reality is I'm getting away with murder

I take my drink and I don't even want to
I think my thoughts when I don't even want to
I never look back cos I don't even want to
And I don't need to because I'm getting away with murder

Papa Roach
17.6.05 23:55

25.6.05 20:23

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